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Thursday, October 28, 2010

TMP Carbs' Automobile Racing Carburetor History

TMP Carbs was started by Troy Patterson in Chatsworth, CA in 2000 to enable Troy to continue research and development on various aspects of the internal combustion engine and primarily in related high performance and racing technological areas. 

      Troy's first inquiry into carburetion came at age 7 when he disassembled and attempted to re-assemble a carburetor. At age 12 his father gave him an extensive explanation of how a carburetor worked sparking more interest. It wasn't until 14 years old that Troy first successfully assembled a carburetor - with supervision and guidance. The carburetor was for his brother's tri-powered 1965 GTO.

      In the 1990's, focusing 7+ years further developing his knowledge of carburetor function as it pertains to high performance and various forms of full race / racing applications.  The result was that Troy developed a re-engineered version of the Holley 2300, 4150 & 4500 series carburetors. Troy first utilized Holley metering blocks, but after using Weber Power Plates on a highly ported 351 Cleveland 4 barrel test engine, he realized the benefits of the racing IDA Weber metering circuitry.  Troy then purchased the complete Weber Power Plate inventory from Edelbrock Corporation and began seeking ways to maximize the combination of components.

      Part of Troy's R&D came to include Nascar's Bill Elliott and engine builder and brother, Ernie Elliott of Winston Cup fame as well as other regional racers. Troy provided developments which Ernie Elliott Incorporated's Ron Vicaro and others dyno'd and track tested (including racing with) a number of those developments.

      In 2002 TMP Carbs was involved in Nelson Racing Engines' Popular Hot Rodding Magazine's Engine Masters Challenge entry in which they finished 7th with only two days of dyno time to tune and work out their combination.  2006 involved TMP Carbs in an NMRA Edelbrock Hot Street competitor who subsequently broke many track records taking the Series top honors for several years running and many more...

      In 2000, Troy played himself, as the engine / carburetor tuning "expert" on the FX Show and in 2001 served as the carburetor / tuning "expert" for a carburetor tuning article in an issue of Car Craft Magazine published in 2002 and republished more recently as well as other editorial coverage. 

     Most recently, Troy wrote an article for "Engine Professionals Magazine".  If you don't get the publication, you can read it online in the January - March 2011 issue @ http://www.aera.org/ep/EPQ1-2011/index.html, beginning on page 44.

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