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TMP Carbs Premier Series Holley / Demon Carburetors

TMP Carbs Premier Series Holley carburetor utilizing the racing Weber IDA / DCOE carburetor's metering circuitry combines the best of Holley's carburetor engineering with the best of Weber's carburetor engineering in one carburetor.

Weber Power Plates provide external access to all critical elements for tuning - not requiring fuel to be drained or disassembly of the carburetor to change idle or main jets or to completely change the fuel curve.

Engine builder Jon Kaase has to say about the Weber Power Plates:

"The average power was better than any of the Holley metering stuff"

"I really like working with it, and just got started"

We offer an adjustable 1:1, soft 1:1, soft progressive and full progressive throttle linkage for tune-ability. It's extremely likely you'll find full 1:1 to be the most fun and desirable setting.

Further, we modify the Holley carburetor to optimize throttle response, torque and horsepower. The end result provides exceptional throttle response, drive-ability, torque and horsepower.

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