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Big Bore / Hi-Flow 4412 Holley two barrels

A Holley L-4412 is 1/2 of a 750 cfm four barrel TMP Carbs

Big Bore / Hi-Flow 4412 is much larger

"Qualifying Carburetor"

TMP Carbs builds the most wicked Big Bore / Hi-Flow 4412 Holley two barrel carburetors, bar none!

  Some use them for:

  1) Racing not limiting modification of the carburetor
  2) Open Comp racing
  3) Qualifying
  4) Events not techin' carburetors
  5) Fun

  Any way you use it, you'll win!

  Options available:

  1) Annular boosters (reduces flow a small amount)
  2) 1 3/4'' butterflies
  3) Weber Power Plate metering block
  4) Billet metering block
  5) Additional air flow capacity with Weber Power Plate


  1) Re-curved fuel curve
  2) Circle track float
  3) Externally stock appearing
  4) Tune-ability
  5) Tech support (if needed)
  6) Thinned throttle shaft
  7) Button head screws

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