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Mark Rundle says:
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Jill Merlin

Nate Laufer, '289Nate' on Speedtalk wrote about his 1.50" dia. venturi TMP Carbs' carb:

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 This is / was (the engine has been upgraded and changed since then) one very very responsive engine.  It was very impressive even to me and I have had the pleasure of driving, tuning and yes jumping on hundreds and hundreds of high performance and race engines and cars.

Nate's car and another TMP Carbs' customer with a 1970 Camaro were featured in the rapper DMX's music video "X Is Gon' Give It To Ya" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGx6K90TmCI&feature=fvsr.  Nate's Mustang represented the Good in the DMX character, while the black '70 Camaro represented the bad.

It was a fun night of shooting the video on Hollywood Blvd till dawn.  At about 2:30 AM, DMX first got in the car, he pulled out onto Hollywood Blvd, the street had been wet down for cinema-graphic effect, he hit the throttle and turned the car completely sideways first to the right about 30-40 degrees, then completely around to the left, then straightened it out and drove off.

I happened to be standing next to the officer in charge of closing the street who commented "if I had known he was going to do that, I would have closed the street."  I commented back that "he didn't know he was going to do that" - due to the exceptional throttle response and power the engine made.

Thank you Nate.



Jon Kaase wrote about his initial experience early in 2009 dyno testing two sets of Weber Power Plates on a 500 cid Boss engine.  This particular engine ran dual 1050 Dominators:

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Thank you Jon.

Dirk Teiner from Germany writes about his experience with Weber Power Plates:

"Hi Troy,
at this time I have 454 LS6 engine in my car (1971 Chevelle 454SS / Richmond 6speed manual trans / 3.73 12 bolt Moser rear / full pro touring suspension from Marcus Savitske www.Scandc.com, you can see my car on his page, two pics (the engine room and the car from behind ).
The engine is lightly modified, a bit port and valve seat mods, Hooker supercomp 1 7/8" headers, holley 800 Dp with power plates in front. The engine runs so nice and smooth with the weber plates I can`t find the right words for this, everyone who comes for a ride with me can´t believe how nice the engine behaves with the large 143/ LS6 cam.  I can say weber plates are the best invest till now and they are so easy to tune.  In the future I want to play with plates a bit , perhaps on the rear of the carb (I don`t know if there`s a need) on the other side I have also Brett Urbans speed blocks which didn`t worked for me in front of the carb but perhaps they work in the rear..."

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I do recommend the Weber Power Plate for the secondary side for sure.  The added sensitivity of the Weber's metering circuit design that benefits the primary side will also benefit the secondaries.  Coupled with ideal emulsion tubes (determining the fuel curve) you will be able to run a larger venturi size (CFM) without loss of low and mid range throttle response or torque.  Just how much larger depends on the engine / application and booster style.

Thank you Dirk.

 Pete from Connecticut is running a 1000 CFM TMP Carbs carb utilizing TMP's adjustable 1:1 cam plate linkage on his 355 SBC sporting a solid roller & aluminum heads in a 240Z.   Pete writes:

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Thank you Pete.

Neil Townley wrote about his experience running a 1.72" dia. venturi Weber Power Plate'd TMP Carbs Premier Series carb:

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This particular engine / car combo we first ran a 1.50" dia. venturi Premier Series (w/ Weber Power Plates), then switched it up to a 1.72" dia. venturi and gained everywhere in the 1/4 mile.  Neil launched the car as low as 2500 rpm to not more than 3000 rpm off the foot brake.  Despite the low rpm launch and very large carburetor, Neil often contended with tire spin at launch.  Neil always ran extremely consistently, qualifying for the Regional Nationals two years while chasing points.

The 1/4 mile times were run consistently at Bandimere Speedway outside Denver, CO.  Track Density Altitude (DA) while Neil was running there was typically around the 9000' DA mark.

Neil has since moved the drive train to a later model tubed Mustang II.

Thank you Neil.


Bill wrote:  "Unfortunately I never got to make an a-b comparison.  But I believe the carb so far was worth between a .10 and .15 in the 1/8 mile.  Probably about 2 mph.  I feel this is a good gain.  I feel there may be a little more, there are some things I would like to try..."  "I figure I got 20-30 [horsepower].  You have to remember, that demon was pretty well ironed out."

These gains were made over an 850 Race Demon (1000 cfm) carburetor Bill had tuned himself over a three year period to the best of his ability using data acquisition and track times.

The 1050 Dominator, once prepared by TMP utilizing Weber Power Plates and various TMP Carbs' modifications ran .2 - .25 faster in the 1/8th mile than it did tuned (by Bill) in unmodified form.  We're still waiting for 1/8th mile performance once tuning is optimized!

Bill recorded his highest measured G-Force reading at launch ever with the TMP Carbs' prep'd 1050 Dominator utilizing the Weber Power Plates and TMP Carbs' modifications.

I expect there is another .15 - .2 in this combination (406 SBC making approx. 650 horsepower) based on my experience based on similar performing cars and carburetors, but that remains to be seen whether or not Bill will give up his old ways of tuning Demons and Holleys.  Sometimes, old habits die hard.  Nevertheless, the gains so far are impressive.  This particular engine may be up for an 1150 or even a 1250 Dominator if a really sharp tuner were to work his magic on it based on the current "best" tune.


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