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TMP Carbs' Adjustable Cam Plate Linakge

Besides the awesome Weber Power Plates, TMP Carbs also offers adjustable cam plate throttle linkage providing: full 1:1, soft 1:1; soft progressive; and full progressive primary to secondary throttle operation.
  • Position #1, "full 1:1" opens all butterflies at the same time starting at idle and provides the best possible air / fuel delivery from carburetor to plenum chamber @ all throttle positions.  This is the most fun and makes the engine exceptionally responsive to even small amounts of throttle movement.  The "full 1:1" setting really lends itself to road course racing by eliminating any transition into the secondaries, particularly beneficial while 'apexing' a corner as there is no power surge (or stumble) into the secondaries to destabilize the car.
    • Position #2, "soft 1:1" allows a small amount of primary throttle opening before opening the secondaries.  For some track conditions and engine / car combination's, this maybe the better choice for launching at the drag strip or just for fun.
    • Position #3, "soft progressive" provides the next step toward full progressive linkage operation.  Another step in providing options for optimizing the carburetor's tune and matching track conditions.
    • Cam plate removed, "full progressive" delivers a maximum amount of delay before opening the secondaries.  For personal preference and / or track conditions tuning.
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    Dual Four (2x4) Holley Double Pumpers for Ford FE

    Additionally, TMP Carbs offers double pumpers with single side accelerator pumps for inline dual four carburetor applications requiring side pivot float bowls.

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    Big CFM from 4150 series carburetors from TMP Carbs large diameter venturi, up to 1.72" dia.

    Large Venturi 4150 for Large Displacement and High HP Engines

    TMP offers 4150's with as large a

                                                Click on picture to enlarge

    Slowing the the speed of the air / fuel mixture exiting from the carburetor reduces fuel impingement on the plenum floor (allowing the a / f mixture to turn toward intake runners) keeping fuel droplets in suspension.

    "Egg-Shaped" Venturi

    Taking the increases in air flow further, TMP gains additional CFM by using an "egg-shaped" venturi to gain still more cross-sectional area at the venturi.  Fuel distribution and air / fuel mixture homogeneity are not adversely affected. 

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    396, 402, 427, 454, 409 Dual Holley's Sideways - TMP Carbs Adapter

    TMP Carbs has worked out the obstacles to running a set of Holley double pumpers or vacuum secondary carburetors on a stock 409 dual four barrel intake manifold. 

    The problem has always been that the two Carter AFBs sat so closely together that with adapters there wasn't room enough for the Holley's linkage and bases.  To remedy this, TMP has devised a number of solutions for the various issues involved in setting a set of Holley carburetors that closely together.

     First, TMP turns each carburetor in opposite directions.  This means that the throttle linkage on one carburetor must be pulled toward the passenger side, the other to the drivers side complicating throttle linkage.

    It's worthy of noting that to our knowledge, no one has developed and marketed any such linkage for the 409 2x4 set up running Holley carburetors.

    Second, the Holley bases, throttle shafts and accelerator pump arms to allow the carburetors to sit more closely together.

    Third, TMP manufactures an adapter to place the Holley carburetors right over the carb pad / flange which also provides attachment points for throttle linkage.

    Fourth, throttle linkage which pulls both carburetors throttle linkage in the appropriate, but opposite directions simultaneously.

    Built Holley 660's

    Trick Holley 660's flowing 850 + CFM with adjustable cam plate linkage and secondary side accelerator pumps, recurved metering blocks and fuel curve.  Recommend annular boosters, but can be had with down leg booster.  

    Special Features: 

    1) Fully adjustable cam plate throttle linkage providing 1:1; soft 1:1; soft progressive and progressive primary / secondary opening- for personal preference and / or track condition

    2) Secondary side accelerator pump shot should you want to use a progressive secondary opening without flooding the engine

    3) Four corner idle circuitry
    4) Primary and Secondary metering blocks providing a racing fuel curve, not Holley's generic "metering plate" which leaves mountains of performance on the table!

    Upgrade options are all available for these 660s

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    TMP Carbs' Billet Secondary Metering Plate 

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